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Student Organization

Student University Cultural Association
is a voluntary, non-profit, apolitical, interest association of citizens. It is a non-profit organization of students and its mission is organizing of student cultural, social and sports events for the UMB BB students.

is a global apolitical non-profit organization operating in more than 95 countries and territories of the world and more than 800 universities. AIESEC Banská Bystrica is one of the 7 local AIESEC boards in Slovakia and has two basic goals typical to the whole organization: young people´s education and global cooperation. The branch office is at the Faculty of Economics, UMB.

EACEuroatlantic Centre
is an independent non-governmental organization of students and young academics. It was established in 1999 with an aim to increase public information about the international relations and security and to support open discussion and well-qualified research. For planning of its activities EAC uses support and active input from NATO and the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations.

an association of the francophone students, is an independent, non-profit student organization, founded in 1998 at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations, Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica. Its original mission was drawing attention to the initiatives of the present and former university students focused mainly at support of student activities in the field of international relations. The unifying element has been the members´ interest in the French language and countries united by this language, i.e. the Francophonia.

is a civil association of students, which was founded with an aim to support the activities of the creative, talented students and young people which are beneficial for their education and personality formation. The Association tries to inform not only about the course of events at the Faculty, but it also wants to map the all-society interesting events, which is backed up by the PANTA REI students magazine and the website too.    www.pantarei.sk

Union of Political Science Students
Czecho-Slovak Union of Political Sciences Students (in Slovak abbreviated as CPSSU) is a voluntary, non-political association of the political science students and people interested in political science and local and global political goings on. Contact: www.cpssu.org

Political Science Association
its mission is helping the development of social-scientific thinking and improvement of civic political culture in the society. The core of its activities is made by discussions of the experts and students about the current issues current problems and essential issues of political life. The organization aims to make conditions for intellectual growth and self-fulfilment of the Political Science Association members, as well as for the other members of the academic community or the general public. Contact: www.polis.szm.sk

Foreign Policy Association
Slovak Foreign Policy Association was established in August 1993 as an open, non-party discussion forum on the international issues and foreign policy of the Slovak Republic. Its main objective is to provide space for open exchanging of opinions on foreign policy.

is an abbreviation standing for the European Law Students Association, founded in Vienna in1981. It is an independent, non-political, non-profit, professional organization uniting more than 12 thousand students and young lawyers in 39 European countries. ELSA operates mostly at the level of local groups, for example ELSA at the Faculty of Law, UMB, established in 1997. ELSA aims to support education in law, social responsibility of the law students and young lawyers through offering them chances to get to know other systems of law and cultures, to help them to be mentally international, professional and to encourage them in acting “pro bono“ of the society. Contact: www.bb.elsa.sk

Other organizations functioning at UMB: Forum for International Cooperation FOMES, Active German Speaking Students Club, Max van der Stoela Association.


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