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Information and Communication Technologies at MBU

  • In the education and training process

The IT and communication technologies (hereinafter only ICT) implementation in educational and training processes at the MBU faculties demanded organizational, methodical and structural measures, changes in teaching methodology, new curricula processing and also gradual mastering of new methods application together with IT use to provide new IT and communication technologies literacy for educational process participants. Several outputs from the implemented projects follow:

  • Special classrooms, for teachers professional preparation and competency with multimedia and Internet for multimedia use in teacher education, to improve foreign language teaching through PC (FH)
  • INFOVEK classrooms used for didactic oriented teaching in General Education Subjects Teaching – and for teachers preparation for ICT implementation into their pedagogic process (FH, FNS and FL)
  • IT as means of internal and extramural education (FPS and IA)
  • E-learning methods application in extramural study of GIS and Applied Informatics (FNS).
  • Special computer classrooms, special libraries, virtual laboratories, virtual departments, multimedia application creating labs and videoconference transmissions. (FF, FNS, FH, FPS and IA).

  • For students

The Matej Bel University follows a principle that IT using cannot be limited only to the MBU employees. The basic task of each university is to make all necessary information accessible for all students.
The MBU implemented in 2001 the project Internet for students valued at more than 3 millions SKK. There were established more than 60 stations for the Internet, and the MBU academic information system access, in faculties. In November 2002 there were installed 11 PCs in a newly established IT student club.
The PCs are used for:

  • Student independent work and for individual and group projects solving connected with information searching on the Internet, an integral part of many subjects taught in faculties;
  • The MBU credit study system support;
  • The occasional lectures, seminars organizing and for student work result presentation

In year 2003 there were at students’ disposal the following items:

  • Two IT clubs (21 PCs)
  • The University library multimedia study room (5 PCs)
  • The University library study rooms at faculties (total 6 PCs)
  • Specialized faculty classrooms equipped with almost 300 PCs that are at students’ disposal also out of lessons.

In the halls of residence plugs were created for private students PCs.
The MBU students are provided with information about study programs, study plans, actual instructions changes, and all special, social and culture actions and activities through carefully maintained and continuously revised Internet homepages of the particular MBU faculties and Rector’s office.


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