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Research and Scientific Work at MBU

Until 2003, Matej Bel University has awarded Doctor Honoris Causa to these outstanding personalities of culture and science:

  1. Arpad Bogsch
    director general of World Intellectual Property Organization Geneva
  2. Tibor Andrasovan
    conductor, Slovakia
  3. Professor Claude Kaspar
    emeritus professor at University of St.Gallene
  4. Kamil E. Idris
    director general of World Intellectual Property Organization Geneva
  5. Mgr. Ladislav Ballek
    the Slovak ambassador to the Czech Republic
  6. Ondrej Lenárd
    conductor, Slovakia
  7. Professor Yvonne Streckova
    Minister of the Interior Deputy, the Czech Republic
  8. Professor Alexander Rosa
    professor at Hamilton University, U.S.A.
  9. Professor Julius Alberty
    professor at the Department of History of the Faculty of Humanities MBU, Slovakia


Institute of Social and Cultural Studies

Target: to meet the demands of regional and subregional research of social and cultural events through scientific and research work, and to participate in the MBU FH educational process through achieved results.
Focus: integrated socio-scientific research in ethnology (social and cultural anthropology), folklore studies, sociology, history and literary history.
From domestic scientific grants (KEGA, VEGA, VUGA, FAGA) it dealt with 12 projects and participated in 4 international projects. At present it deals with projects of the 5th framing programme: Enlargement, Gender, and Governance along with „The Civic and Political Participation of Women in the EU Candidate Countries.“

Institute of Town and Region Development

Target: the theory and methodology formation of municipal and regional economy and administration, management and marketing of regions, bachelor and “engineering“ study, with life education.
Focus: partial questions research from providing services and tourism, municipal and regional policy
From domestic scientific grants (KEGA, VEGA, VUGA, FAGA) the institute deals with 9 projects where three are already concluded. Three projects were dealt with according to state order.

The following projects will be concluded by 2005:

11 projects were dealt with through international grants support. 7 projects are already concluded. Project “Management of local public services“ will be concluded before 2004.
The institute participated in one project PHARE TEMPUS „Managerial Development of Civil Servants“ and one project LEONARDO DA VINCI „ Study module preparation for Environmental chemistry specialization“

Institute of Theory and Science History

Target: the study of Slovak history, its presentation through publications, exhibitions and museums
Focus: archival and literary research of Slovakia focused on natural sciences history, history of science and technology, and museology.
The institute asked for grant from MS SR (Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic) and SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences) for project focused on global processing of chemistry history in Slovakia.
In cooperation with Banyaszati museum in Sopron the institute participated in the project
of processing coal mining history in Hungary.

Center for International Affairs Research

Target: basic international affairs research
Focus: expanding and improving international scientific cooperation
Together with Visegrad International Fund Support the center participates in the grant task „Nations and countries of central Europe“, and A First project of the 6th framing programme „ EU expanding and deepening: Lessons learnt from the past and future visions“. The center quarterly issues the only national political magazine „Political sciences“.

MBU Project Centre


It supports talented students through student scholarly activity (SVA). 95 students participated in the academic year 2002/2003. Two students took part in international SVA competitions.
After graduating at MA or “engineer“ study students can continue in doctoral study. 487 students (72 in internal form) studied this form in the academic year 2002/2003.


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